Pitches and Writing

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We Are All Legends (based on the novel by Darrell Schweitzer)
In this fantasy-horror adult animated series, a cursed knight must wander strange and horrifying lands in search of a way to escape damnation.

Miles Wilder (with Sam Roberts)
A high-flying, high-speed kids' adventure-comedy animated series about a young courier scrambling to deliver packages in the tumultuous cyberpunk metropolis of New Velo City.

This is Nautilus (with Andrew Levine)
After The Nautilus is swallowed by a Time Kraken, the cynical, curmudgeonly Captain Nemo finds himself shat out in the modern day, and he's not impressed.  Eager to resume his quest to topple the corrupt world order and build his steampunk aquatic utopia, he assembles a crew of modern humans to bring him up to speed in this adult animated comedy.

Return Policy (with Daniel Kram)
In this adult animated comedy, Bill and Alexandria, the adult children of a world-famous archaeologist adventurer, have to deal with their father’s estate of ill-gotten mystical artifacts. Each episode, they have to return one of these artifacts to a faraway place. 

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