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Sam Tung Storyboards

 Sam Tung 

Storyboard / Director
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"Knight vs. Dragon Boss Fight Cinematics"

"Samus vs. The Metroids"

"The Mail Don't Stop" feat. Kiki & Jiji

Selected shots


Retro Studios, Austin, TX
Senior Storyboard Artist, NDA Nintendo project
Jan 2021 - current

Universal Studios, Los Angeles, CA
Storyboard Artist, Twisters
Jan - Aug 2023

Apple/A24, Los Angeles, CA
Storyboard Artist, Sunny
Jun - Oct 2022

Marvel Studios, Los Angeles, CA
Storyboard Artist, X-Men '97
Oct 2021 - May 2022

Nickelodeon, Los Angeles, CA
Storyboard Artist, Star Trek: Prodigy season 2
August 2021

Amazon Prime, Los Angeles, CA
Storyboard Artist, Hunters season 2
July 2021

Rooster Teeth, Los Angeles, CA
Storyboard Artist, gen:LOCK
Oct 2020 - Jan 2021

NBC Peacock, Los Angeles, CA
Storyboard Artist, Angelyne
Dec 2019 - Feb 2020

Netflix, Los Angeles, CA
Storyboard Artist, Untitled Animated Feature
May 2018 - Dec 2019

T-Mobile / Prettybird, Los Angeles, CA
Storyboard Artist, Escape
May 2018

Park Hyo Shin / Arts & Sciences, Los Angeles, CA
Storyboard Artist, Goodbye music video
Apr 2018

Netflix, Los Angeles, CA
Storyboard Artist, Messiah
Jan - Feb 2018

Aquamen Entertainment, Los Angeles, CA
Storyboard Artist, Monkey King: The Beginning
Mar 2017 - Jan 2018

Will Packer Productions, Los Angeles, CA
Storyboard Artist, Breaking In
Jul 2017

MyMo Mochi / Hardwood Creative, Los Angeles, CA
Storyboard Artist, Live Deliciously
Mar 2017

Nerf / PF100, Los Angeles, CA
Storyboard Artist, Nerf Nitro
Mar 2017

KFC / Biscuit Filmworks, Los Angeles, CA
Storyboard Artist, Zinger in Space
Mar 2017, Los Angeles, CA
Storyboard Artist, Ring Floodlight
Feb 2017

Joey Bada$$ / Derby, Los Angeles, CA
Storyboard Artist, Victory music video
Feb 2017

Society6 / Hardtack, Los Angeles, CA
Storyboard Artist, Find What Makes You, You 
Feb 2017

Highmark Hospitals / Raucous, Los Angeles, CA
Storyboard Artist, Ask the Doctor
Jan 2017

Black Label Media, Albuquerque, New Mexico
Storyboard Artist, 12 Strong feature film
Jan 2017

Interrogate / Gillette, Los Angeles, CA
Storyboard Artist, Go Ask Dad
Jan 2017

Buick / Tool, Los Angeles, CA
Storyboard Artist, If That's a Buick
Jan 2017

Very / Superprime, Los Angeles, CA
Storyboard Artist, Do More 
Jan 2017

Autotrader / Radical Media, Los Angeles, CA
Storyboard Artist, Goodnight Save
Dec 2016

Anlene / APA, Los Angeles, CA
Storyboard Artist, Grow Young Together
Nov 2016

Cinemax / Trailer Park, Los Angeles, CA
Storyboard Artist, Outcast Season 2 Promo
Nov 2016

BMW / Genpop, Los Angeles, CA
Storyboard Artist, Hello World
Nov 2016

Direct TV / Arts & Sciences, Los Angeles, CA
Storyboard Artist, AT&T Social
Nov 2016

Faraday / Genpop, Los Angeles, CA
Storyboard Artist, Faraday Future
Nov 2016

Sutter Health / Anonymous Content, Los Angeles, CA
Storyboard Artist, The Custodians
Nov 2016

CitiBank / Bob Industries, Los Angeles, CA
Storyboard Artist, Would You Rather?
Oct 2016

Oreo / Superprime, Los Angeles, CA
Storyboard Artist, Kid Inside
Oct 2016

Doritos / Biscuit Filmworks, Los Angeles, CA
Storyboard Artist, The Boldness Effect
Oct 2016

WWE / Logan, Los Angeles, CA
Storyboard Artist, WWE Heroes
Oct 2016

Nerf / Cast A Diva Pictures, Los Angeles, CA
Storyboard Artist, Elite Core
Oct 2016

Persil / The Famous Group, Los Angeles, CA
Storyboard Artist, 9 Out of 10 Cats
Oct 2016

Riot Games, Los Angeles, CA
Storyboard Artist, Teamwork Trainer
Aug-Sep 2016

Nature's Bounty / Biscuit Filmworks, Los Angeles, CA
Storyboard Artist, Model, Grace commercials
Aug 2016

Facebook / Delve, Los Angeles, CA
Storyboard Artist, Facebook Events commercial
Aug 2016

Target / Biscuit Filmworks, Los Angeles, CA
Storyboard Artist, Finding That Special Something, Wrapping It Up commercials
Aug 2016

AT&T / Dummy Films, Los Angeles, CA
Storyboard Artist, Gigafast commercial
Jul 2016

Samsung / Delve, Los Angeles, CA
Storyboard Artist, Samsung Grace Unboxing commercial
Jun-Jul 2016

Microsoft / Integrated Talent, Los Angeles, CA
Storyboard Artist, Crystal Knitters, Light & Power commercials
Jun 2016

Enterprise / Tool, Los Angeles, CA
Storyboard Artist, One Giant Rollout commercial
Jun 2016

NFL / Pulse Films, Los Angeles, CA
Storyboard Artist, Surprise Yourself commercial
Jun 2016

Sony Pictures / MRC, Cape Town, South Africa
Storyboard and Animatic Artist, The Dark Tower feature film
Jan - Apr 2016

H-E-B / MPC, Los Angeles, CA
Storyboard and Animatic Artist, Journey commercial
Dec 2015

Kohler / DBB, Los Angeles, CA
Concept Artist, Never TOO commercial

Nov 2015

Sony Pictures, Culver City, CA
Storyboard Artist / Animatic Assistant, 
The Shallows

Jul - Aug 2015

Nike/Jordan, Los Angeles, CA
Storyboard and Concept Artist, 
The Dunk to End All Dunks

Jun – Jul 2015

Walt Disney, Los Angeles, CA
Storyboard Artist, 
The Jungle Book 

Mar - April 2015

SuBai Games, Los Angeles, CA
Lead Artist, 
Hack and Dash
Concept design and asset creation for 2D platformer primarily using Adobe Photoshop.

Jan 2014 – current 

California Long-Term Care Education Center, Los Angeles, CA
Medical / Technical Illustrator
Medical, technical, and procedural illustrations for the CLTCEC's instructional textbook.

Jun 2013 – current 

Varnish Effects, Hollywood, CA
Concept Artist
Rendered environment concepts for 
Mickey’s Clubhouse Fisher-Price toy commercials 

Apr 2013 


Concept Design Academy, Pasadena, CA 
Jun 2012 - current

Bowdoin College, Brunswick, ME 
English Major, Visual Arts Minor
Sep 2006 – Jun 2009 

Northwestern University, Evanston, IL 
Freshman year, transferred to Bowdoin College
Sep 2005 – Jun 2006

Art Director's Guild Local 800 - Senior Illustrator 
The Animation Guild Local 839 - Storyboard Artist